Red (i) Icon Next To Entries

The red (i) indicates an incomplete entry. Certain fields are required in order to generate the reports. If you are missing information that is needed for a report calculation Boating Suite will display the red (i).

If a required field does not apply to your situation we recommend entering 0 (zero) for the entry. This will remove the (i) from your entries and it won’t affect anything else. We can’t make certain fields optional because they throw off the related reports.

The following fields will trigger an Incomplete Entry symbol (i) if left blank.

Log Book:
1. Title
2. Start Time
3. End Time
4. Engine Hours Start
5. Engine Hours End

Maintenance Log:
1. Description
2. Cost

Fuel Log:
1. Vendor
2. Cost
3. Gallons

Expense Log:
1. Description
2. Cost

Other fields, such as Air/Water Temp, are not required and blank fields will be ignored in the report calculations.